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Post by Swifit on Fri Aug 28, 2015 3:30 pm

If you came to this thread to apply, then I'm sorry let you know, this is the wrong thread. This thread will be about what is required in order to be accepted, what happens once you're accepted and how long it takes for us to accept/deny your application. As of now, our server is brand new, so in order to be accepted you won't need 'x amount of posts', nor is feedback needed in order to be accepted. However, if someone has given you '-support' feedback (negative feedback), it will take an affect regarding to us accepting or denying your application, but it will not always mean a straight up 'denied application' just because you have negative feedback, but as said, it can affect your chances of being accepted. On the other hand, '+support' is very good, although, it is not required to be accepted, if you have it or not, you can still be accepted, but positive feedback gives a boost-up to your chances of being accepted. Experience is not needed either, but it is always good to have some sort of experience... especially with commands in-game. We are also looking for people who put some effort in their application, we're not expecting an essay or anything, just some regular effort... with detail for the least.

Now, we finally come to the point, 'What happens when you're accepted'. Most likely, all accepted applications will have a correct Steam ID, your Steam ID is very important, with it we can instantly set your rank once you've been accepted. If your Steam ID is incorrect, we will instantly deny your application. There is a guide in how to find your Steam ID in the application template, it shouldn't be a problem. But anyways, when your application is accepted, your in-game and forum rank will be set to Moderator (if applying as a rank below Moderator). The same applies when applying from Moderator - Admin. We expect you know what to do once in-game because we have a clear detailed thread telling you how to deal with players breaking rules.

Since a lot of you've been asking, how long it will take us to review your application, when a person high enough rank views your application, he can either discuss it with another admin or just instantly deny or accept the application. Your application will be reviewed as soon as possible, could be within an hour or a few days.

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