VulcanRP Rules

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VulcanRP Rules

Post by Swifit on Fri Aug 28, 2015 3:54 pm

These are our server rules, but always use common sense whilst roleplaying in our server or any other server. That  alone will improve everyone's roleplaying experience. Please bare in mind, that our server doesn't tolerate racism, meaning that we will act against roleplayers in our server that use racist language or discriminate. Which is something that might have seemed like a 'non-harsh offense' in a lot of other servers.

Please take a moment to read our rules, because they are somewhat different than other server rules. Don't forget that in our server, it is not necessary to call-out 'raids, pd raids, mugs, carjacks', etc...

General Rules

  • Respect all members of the community.
  • Do not post links in-game to any website rather than our forum.
  • Do not spam mic or chat.
  • Do not attempt to evade a ban or kick.
  • Do not troll players or staff members. If you disagree a staff member's choice, please create a thread on the forums and a higher rank staff member will decide what will be done, depending on the player disagreeing's point.
  • No advertising of ANYTHING that is not related to your roleplaying.
  • No impersonating other players or staff members.
  • No hacking or exploiting.
  • Do not apply rules from other servers in our server.
  • No offensive material, includes text screens, sprays, OOC chat and/or mic chat. Swearing is tolerated in the server to a certain limit, however, racism is not tolerated at-all in our server.
  • Do not make any jokes that could be highly offensive.
  • Admins are not required to give you information of other players.
  • Do not trade RP money for anything other than in game services or products
  • Buildings must not overhang the streets to the point where they interfere with other players, this includes bases, shops, discos ect. If they overhang like a balcony, etc.
  • While building, please ensure you have a clear sign stating you are building to avoid any troubles.
  • Ensure that your buildings are realistic.
  • Do not meta game, this includes acting on information given from players names, jobs or OOC (Please note that this doesn't apply to the advert chat).
  • No spreading exploits, bugs or glitches to other users in-game, you may ONLY report them on forums using the template
  • Ensure you have an proper RP name.
  • As was stated above, racism is not tolerated in our server.
  • Printers, guns and/or other entities are not allowed whilst you're building.

DarkRP Rules

  • If you die, you may not return to the place of death for 5 minutes, as per NLR (new life rule), Excludes CPs during PD raid

You must roleplay to your current job, not roleplaying is called “FailRP” and is an offence
Do not spam anything, including but not limited to Props, sprays, chat, mic, job votes ect…
Do not abuse your job, you must roleplay what the job is or you will be demoted
Do not quickly switch between jobs for any reason, this may be interpreted as trying to avoid a ban or warning.
Do not self supply with products such as guns, and then switch jobs.
Do not give away job specific items, such as a battering ram for police, or crowbar for zombie.
Any dealers or doctors MUST make a shop to supply their services
Do not build on someone else base or house unless given permission
Do not build inappropriate structures (eg, phallic symbols)
Your job title (/job) must accurately display what you're role-playing. For example, best cop is not allowed but "business man" as a citizen is appropriate.
Do not spam the flashlight or camera
Only Hobos are allowed to build on the streets
Do not park cars in the middle of the road or use your vehicle to block others role playing
Blocking off large parts of town is NOT allowed, including the Hotel (hotel job may control the entire hotel)
No buying/selling jobs
No buying/selling pet shop points
Mugging max is $1,000
Hostage ransom max is $30,000
KOS signs must have KOS at the start, EG "KOS- Private property, trespassers will be shot"
KOS Signs must be realistic, EG "KOS- Restricted Area, Trespassers will be shot." Not just KOS
KOS signs may not target a specific job by name EG, "KOS Cops" or "KOS Thieves." This is not allowed
Shops or other buildings may deny access or services to players based on appearance. EG, "No balaclavas inside", or "Dress code: No beard and clean clothes" These signs must read like an actual sign would for RP.
Rebels are not to be KOS'D outside of their region

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Re: VulcanRP Rules

Post by Smeg on Sat Aug 29, 2015 6:12 pm

Rules have been updated.

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